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Centennial Staff Profiles

Samuel Sandoval Solis

UCCE, UC Davis Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources
Cooperative Extension Specialist in Water Resources
Time with ANR
2.5 years
Typical Day

I am the person who provide technical services to water agencies in the state of California, from very small agencies, such as Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency or the Russian River Flood Control District, to very large, such as the Department of Water Resources or the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. I am the bridge that integrates hydrology, infrastructure management, economic development, environmental protection, and social benefits on activities related to water use. I am the person who puts together the puzzle—meaning, I integrate all the information to develop water plans, economic analyses, water use policies and their impact on water users and the environment. I like to interact with other UC ANR personnel, students, water agencies, politicians, technicians, growers, and environmentalists.

Most Memorable Moment

I worked in a project to estimate water savings in Pajaro Valley, a region located in Monterey County. During a meeting with the water advisory committee of this region, I presented my analysis of potential water savings and they accepted it as part of their Basin Management Plan at a public meeting. This was one of my happiest days working at ANR. This was the first time that something that I had developed was adopted for implementation at this large a scale (28,000 acres). This estimation brought together all the community into one group, to conserve water in their basin.

What I love Most About Working for ANR

There is no typical day or year. Given the variability of water within and between years, there is always something interesting and fun to work on. This year is all about drought and actions to mitigate the damages of this condition.

My Story

ANR provided the perfect balance between being a practitioner on water resources management, being a professor at UC Davis, and interacting with other colleagues. I didn't realize water management in California was so complex until I arrived here. This is very appealing, and it keeps me good and busy, and always learning.

Sam Sandoval talking to John Eiskamp (a blackberry and raspberry grower) in Pajaro Valley

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