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Centennial Staff Profiles

Aziz Baameur

UCCE Santa Clara County
Farm Advisor
Time with ANR
29 Years 5 Months
Typical Day

My title is Farm Advisor. I am assigned to the Small Farm Program and housed in Santa Clara County.A typical day would be to call or answer a call from a client. Usually that determines a portion of my daily activities. Most of my time is spent in the field - either checking a field situation or problem, assessing the progress of field experiments or trials, or at times attending an meeting on agricultural topics.

Most Memorable Moment

Too many to reduce to one. Take your pick:? When I received the call offering me the job? When I received my first inquiry phone call in an office that only had an empty filing cabinet, a desk and a phone.? When I co-received a water quality award, as part of water quality team, from ANR, and USDA.? When I received the Pedro Ilic award from the Small Farm Program.? When UC Small Farm Program received the outstanding Affirmative Action award from National Higher learning administrators.? Maybe the most memorable thing is that I never had problem getting up and showing up for work. I have never coveted another job.

What I love Most About Working for ANR

The ability to go home at the end of a day with almost crystal clarity that I did my best and did not knowingly harm anybody.

My Story

I applied for the position advertised in the American Society of Horticulture. I always wanted to work with farmers. I did not like the fact that my close relatives lost their farms. I loved visiting the countryside, and the farms. Unfortunately, all the family land was lost and I never understood why. Now I can guess - it?s happening every day. A couple of hundred acres are lost (to development) everyday, somewhere. I got the call from UC ANR, offering me the job and the rest is history, as the proverbial saying goes.


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