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Centennial Staff Profiles

Suzie Lawry-Hall

UCCE Butte County / Cluster
Nutrition Education Coordinator
Time with ANR
7 years
Typical Day

My job is to provide unbiased and applicable hands-on nutrition education, emphasizing physical activity and gardening to the families in the Butte Cluster. I seek out opportunities to connect UC CalFresh research- and evidence-based curricula and program interventions to the community, giving families the opportunity to make better food choices and obtain healthier lifestyles. I may start my day in a classroom, educating youth on fast food, attend a wellness meeting at a school, and/or facilitate a community meeting on a nutrition-related project or event, and end the day educating adults on how to plan, shop, save, and cook.

Most Memorable Moment

There are many success stories that come to mind of people making changes in their lives because of the work we do. One of the first success stories I remember was of a mom who visited our nutrition education booth on calcium and milk fat. Months later she saw us again at her son’s school and she told us she had lost 25 pounds because her family switched their milk from full-fat whole milk to 1% milk.

What I love Most About Working for ANR

What I love most about my job is that it is always evolving. The research and science of people, nutrition, health, and agriculture are in a constant state of change, moving forward to better the world we live in. I like working in a job where I have an opportunity to empower others, changing communities for the better in conjunction with keeping my mind healthy and my thinking forward.

My Story

I interned for the UC CalFresh Nutrition Education Program as a college student at Chico State while earning my degree in Nutrition and Food Science. During my internship, I fell in love with the heart, focus, and determination my peers and supervisors demonstrated in their work.

Suzie Lawry-Hall, Nutrition Education Coordinator

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