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Centennial Staff Profiles

Marisol Andrade

UCCE Butte County / Cluster
Nutrition Educator
Time with ANR
17 months
Typical Day

I am a nutrition educator with the UC CalFresh Nutrition Education Program. My job as a nutrition educator consists of implementing and delivering nutrition lessons in communities within the Butte Cluster. Through the implementation of UC CalFresh nutrition or gardening curriculum lessons, I help students and their families make lifestyle changes to improve their health. There is no typical work day. Every day may be different, depending on the activities and programming I am offering. Our program targets participants from kindergarten age to adults. Our job would not be possible without the assistance of our contacts at each site where we conduct our lessons. As a nutrition educator, I am responsible for building good working relationships with teachers at the schools we serve as well as with promoters at agency sites. I schedule lessons and confirm the participation of students and parents.

Most Memorable Moment

My decision to pursue a degree in nutrition was influenced by my community and the lack of nutritional education available to them. I often felt the need to help others obtain a healthier diet and lifestyle. Now, working with the UC CalFresh Nutrition Education Program, I am part of the difference, which makes my job very rewarding. My most memorable moments are when parents share that it was through our programming that they obtained a healthier lifestyle and they have continued the change with their families. I feel extremely fulfilled knowing that I assisted families making healthier changes that will positively impact their lifestyle.

What I love Most About Working for ANR

I am proud to know that I am part of a great program that assists low-income communities to maintain a healthier lifestyle. When participants increase their physical activity and improve their food choices, they improve the lives of their families. Parents often believe that following a healthy diet is costly and out of their reach. It gives me great pleasure to educate parents about simple but effective and nutritious changes they can implement to benefit their families. Parents often leave our lessons feeling empowered and knowing they can make positive changes with the food and beverages they consume and the way they are prepared.

My Story

As is more common nowadays, I was unable to find employment right after receiving my bachelor’s degree in Family and Consumer Science from CSU Sacramento, so I decided to move back to my parent’s home in Watsonville.  Soon after moving to Watsonville, I found employment with the Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) program in Hollister, California, where I worked as a WIC Nutritional Assistant (WNA). It was there that I first worked with low-income families who required the assistance of this program for mere survival. I worked with a population that was low income, underserved and undereducated. Working with this population, I realized how important my work was and I began to look at other areas where I could make a difference. On September 25, 2010, I married and moved to Chico. Knowing I wanted to make a difference with low-income communities, I searched for employment in the area of nutrition, but especially providing nutritional education. I was fortunate to find UC ANR. Now I am part of the difference.

Making a difference for a healthy community.

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