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Centennial Staff Profiles

Sarah Nossaman Pierce

UCCE Sonoma County
Staff Research Associate
Time with ANR
13 years
Typical Day

Monitoring coho salmon populations in the Russian River Basin and conducting multiple research projects that support salmon recovery. A typical day could see me conducting a PIT tag wanding survey, or any number of other field activities, on the stream. I could also be analyzing data, writing reports, updating our website or managing any of the myriad logistical tasks required to help this program run smoothly.

Most Memorable Moment

The first time I saw a pair of adult coho salmon spawning in Green Valley Creek. By then I had been working locally in the field of salmon recovery for close to 15 years, during a period of very low adult returns, and when I saw this spawning pair it made me feel like everything we were working towards might be possible. It was exhilarating!

What I love Most About Working for ANR

I love the people I work with. Our crew is indefatigable and we share a remarkable sense of teamwork and harmony. Also, my supervisors treat each of us with the utmost respect, creating a positive and productive work environment. I also love that I am never, ever bored. At the end of each day, I look at the clock and find myself upset by the late hour, rather than relieved.

My Story

From the moment I took my first Environmental Studies course I knew that I wanted to devote my energy toward remediating some of the damage that we humans had inflicted upon the planet. I graduated from Sonoma State University with a degree in Natural Resource Conservation and Restoration and served as an AmeriCorps Watershed Stewards Project volunteer for two years before becoming a Scientific Aide with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. Ultimately, I served as the Restoration Specialist for CDFW's Russian River Basin Planner's office, where I worked on a collaborative project with UCCE, conducting educational workshops and small-scale restoration with streamside landowners throughout the watershed. In 2001, I moved into a career position with UCCE, where, over the years, I've had the pleasure of working on an impressive diversity of programs under the guidance of the Watershed Program and Marine Advisors. I have been working with the Russian River Coho Salmon Monitoring Program since 2009.

Conducting a habitat typing survey on Mill Creek.

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Here's to another 100 years of science and service!

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