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Centennial Staff Profiles

Nick Bertagna

UCCE Butte County
Program Representative II – 4-H Youth Development
Time with ANR
Starting my 15th year
Typical Day

As a 4-H Program Representative I oversee the mission and mandates of our 4-H program. I am involved with our volunteers and members on a daily basis, either in person, by phone or by email. I answer policy questions as well as helping organize programs and events. I am also involved in our 4-H program outreach to those who are not in 4-H, through news and magazine articles and personal visits to adult and youth organizations. Also, in conjunction with the Nutrition Department in our Extension Office, my wife and I do presentations titled “Farmer in the Classroom” in elementary classrooms in Butte County.

Most Memorable Moment

There are so many memorable moments during my 4-H career that it is hard to choose just one. But one that does stand out the most was when a past 4-H member had come up to me at a the fair years later. She was so appreciative of how the 4-H program had helped her in her journey of life and success that she had to say thank you to me. To be a part of a youth program that receives that kind of acknowledgment—it does not get any better that.

What I love Most About Working for ANR

I have been part of the 4-H program for most of my life: first as a member, then as project leader for 25 years, followed by this position. All of this has given me wonderful opportunities to watch youth mature into responsible adults. It is very rewarding to see them grow through their challenges and victories, and put to use the skills learned, becoming strong leaders in 4-H and in their communities. Many of them are now raising their own children in 4-H.

My Story

As stated, I have been part of the 4-H program since my youth. About a year before my wife and I started a family, I was presented with the opportunity to help a neighbor as a 4-H sheep project leader. Since that time I have not regretted my decision to help out. Then about 14 years ago, after farming with family my whole life, the 4-H representative position opened up in our county. When I was awarded this position I decided to farm on a smaller scale and take the 4-H position. And it has broadened my life in all aspects.

Nick Bertagna Butte County 4-H Representative II

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