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Centennial Staff Profiles

Paula (Jan) Johnson

San Bernardino
Master Gardener - volunteer
Time with ANR
14 Years 4 Months
Typical Day

Every Wednesday morning, I ride the 9 am bus from Crestline in the mountains to down town San Bernardino where I wait for 30 minutes to transfer to the bus that will take me to the UC Cooperative Extension office. I arrive between 10:20 and 10:30. I listen to any phone calls that might be waiting for me on the answering machine. If answer is known, I call the person right away with the answer. If research is needed, I check online and in resource books. I respond to any additional calls that may come in while I am in the office. My daughter picks me up around 4:30, after her work, and we drive home together.

Most Memorable Moment

My most memorable moment was when I received a phone call from a lady in New York asking why and how there were long lines of palm trees planted in the desert. She had been here on vacation. I was able to tell her what I had learned from a ranger who works in the desert. The wind blows seeds across the desert floor and they come to rest in cracks. Earth quakes make long cracks, rains water the seeds, and soon trees appear in long straight lines.

What I love Most About Working for ANR

What I love most is talking to people on the phone and helping to solve their gardening problems. They are always so thankful. It is very gratifying.

My Story

I met a Master Gardener, who was assigned to the Renaissance Faire to help us with some tree problems. This was in February of 1999. I asked her about the Master Gardener program and liked what I heard. I decided to enroll in the program and took the class in September of 1999.. Two weeks into the class the coordinator asked if anyone would be interested in working in the M.G. office as a volunteer. I jumped at the chance and have been answering gardening calls ever since.


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