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Centennial Staff Profiles

David Lile

UCCE Lassen County
Livestock Natural Resources Advisor and County Director
Time with ANR
17 years
Typical Day

My days are highly variable. The best days are those spent in the field working with colleagues on some type applied research project—could be a vegetation management project, a grazing project, or whatever. Equally fun is driving out to a ranch to help a rancher solve a particular problem. Almost every time there is some new twist or different context than what I have seen before, so there is almost always a new challenge. About every month or so I take a trip to a campus or REC for meetings of some type. These are the longest days because of the driving (for example, about 8 hours round-trip to Davis) but the value in connecting face to face and in person is huge. Not something that can be replicated by phone or email. Every day when I drive to work I anticipate what that day will bring, and more often than not something I hadn't expected will crop up—and I wouldn't want it any other way!

Most Memorable Moment

My first day at work.

What I love Most About Working for ANR

Three things stand out. 1) Working with outstanding colleagues, 2) helping people solve problems or deal with difficult issues, and 3) you never know what is coming next and it never gets old.

My Story

My dad worked at UC ANR's Hopland Research and Extension Center, and I've been interested in UCCE since I was a kid listening to programs from Bill Brooks, who was the advisor in Mendocino County at that time. Then Terry Salmon, retired UCCE specialist and former regional director, was a guest lecturer in an undergraduate class I had at Davis and he mentioned that he foresaw excellent opportunities in UCCE. From that time forward a career as a UCCE advisor became a goal for me.

David Lile

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Here's to another 100 years of science and service!

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