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Centennial Staff Profiles

Lorin Lilikoi Lima

UCCE San Diego
Time with ANR
5 Years 3 Months
Typical Day

I generally begin the day with a coffee and toast at my desk while reviewing emails from the public, research cooperators, and coworkers. I then prepare supplies for sampling/data collection for a variety of arthropod projects and take care of any technical issues or GIS requests anyone in the office might have, if they can catch me before I head out into the field for the day. So, when no one is looking I sneak out of the office or run as people yell for more help.The next part of the day it a little more fun. I drive to a greenhouse north or south of me. Take samples for bacterial testing in Riverside, maintain arthropod colonies, and run organic pesticide trials on cuttings. Once an application is complete, I box the cuttings for shipment and head to FedEx to overnight them to our collaborators at the Mid-Florida Research and Education Center.After all of this I head to the nearest market for a juice, then I return to the office to input data, write reports, and finish the day.

Most Memorable Moment

In 2010 I presented my raptor research, Assessing Some Potential Environmental Impacts from Agricultural Anticoagulant Uses at the 24th Vertebrate Pest Conference. The paper had been chosen by the research committee to be fetured in the conferences Special Symposium - Field Rodenticide Uses in California and was attended by approximately 300 researchers.In addition to the presentation, I also had the task of putting the conference together. I was given special recognition during the closing remarks, along side Ryan Krason who helped in assisting me with the conferences technical issues and was coauthor of Vertebrate Pest Control Education and Outreach for Dealing with California Wildlife Pests with me. We were given a standing ovation, which made it a very rewarding experience after months of hard work on the conference and over a year of research. This effort culminated in the publication of two journal articles in the conference proceedings the following year.

What I love Most About Working for ANR

I love doing research and finding new ways to effectively bring those research findings to the public.

My Story

When the economy tanked in 2007, it took my biological field research position in the private sector along with it. I had been out of work for a couple months when I came across a Craigslist ad for a research position with UCCE San Diego. Finding work in my area of expertise had been extremely difficult and most of the positions were not fitting what I had in mind for my career.The position fit my personal requirements exactly, so I submitting my application. I heard back in the span of only a few days. This was very surprising, because at that point I was use to waiting between 2-4 weeks to hear anything. I had a phone interview and was offer a position starting right away. And the rest is history.


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