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University of California, Agriculture & Natural Resources

How are you conserving water?

On May 8, 2014, more than 8,314 people joined the University of California in a one-day science project and told us how they were conserving water at home, in their garden or landscape, or on their farm.

This information will help give us a clearer understanding of the steps Californians are taking to reduce water consumption—useful information as we all work together to survive the current drought.

People, animals and plants all need water to survive, yet less than 1% of the earth’s water is available for our use. With each passing day, the availability of clean water is diminishing. As California experiences record drought conditions, now more than ever, every drop counts.

By shortening your shower by just one or two minutes, you can save as much as 700 gallons of water in a month!

Have you shortened the length of time you spend in the shower? Have you invested in low-flow faucets and toilets? Have you fixed leaky faucets? Have you let your grass go brown or swapped it for drought-tolerant landscaping? If you’re a farmer, have you adopted any new watering technology for your farm, like switching from flood irrigation to low-flow? Or maybe you still looking for a good way or reason to conserve water?

Did you know…

  • 2013 was the driest year in California’s recorded history
  • Californians currently use an average of 196 gallons of water per person per day, including all businesses other than agriculture
  • 30% of the water use in the home is used for landscaping
  • The average bath uses 40 to 50 gallons of water, whereas a 10-minute shower with a low-flow showerhead only uses 15 gallons
  • Even a one- or two-minute reduction in daily showering time can save up to 700 gallons per month
  • You can lose more than 20 gallons of water per day from a single drippy faucet!
  • If everyone in the state could reduce her or his water consumption by 10 gallons a month, we would save a total of 4.56 billion gallons in a year

Here's to another 100 years of science and service!

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