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UCCE Centennial: 100 Years of Science and Service

"In order to solve California's most pressing environmental issues we need innovative solutions. Local UCCE Advisors and Specialists in the San Francisco Bay Area have been critical partners to the development and expansion of practical, sustainable conservation methods that can be implemented across entire industries."
Ashley Boren, Executive Director Sustainable Conservation

Did You Know?
UCCE Integrated Pest Management advisors have played an integral role in the Almond Pest Management Alliance, a group that can take credit for diminishing pesticide use in almonds by 65% since 1990. - View More Facts

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Rhonda Smith

Rhonda Smith
Viticulture Farm Advisor, UCCE Sonoma County

My Story:

The first time I knew I wanted to be a farm advisor when I “grew up” was when, as an undergraduate, I first worked in field trials in several counties that were collaborative projects with a UC Davis plant pathologist and UCCE viticulture farm advisors—all of whom are now retired. It was obvious those advisors had a commitment to help growers be successful. Years later (and, now, years ago), I was chosen to fill a farm advisor position. I still consider myself incredibly fortunate to be able to work with and for people who are committed to the development of knowledge that can help people succeed.

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About UC Cooperative Extension

For 100 years and counting, UCCE researchers and educators have worked together with local community members to develop and provide science-based information to solve economic, agricultural, natural resource, youth development and nutrition issues. Some of our programs include 4-H Youth Development, Master Gardeners, Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program, and the Integrated Pest Management Program.

Here's to another 100 years of science and service!

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